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About Beast To Beauty


Dog Groomer Extraordinaire

Our story is one of happiness, sadness and love enduring but I think it’s important to share.  Our family includes Lydia (daughter, CEO and groomer) Luis (dad and CFO), Terri (mom, COO and bather), Carlos (son) and of course our 4 dogs Scooter, Bella, Kimchi and Pickle but it would not be complete if we didn’t mention our angel in the sky Taina (daughter); our inspiration and catalysts for our business.


Taina adored animals and to be completely honest the word adore is an understatement, she absolute loved them and her love for dogs was contagious.  As she grew into her teen year caring for dogs and other animals her passion became an obsession and we as a family caught the love bug especially Lydia. Dad retired the US Air Force and we all decided to make Texas our new home. Taina and Lydia got there first job working for Bluebonnet Bunk’n Biscuit a local pet boarding/dog daycare; where they honed their skill in all things dog care.  Taina eventually moved to Polly’s Pet shop another local pet store to expand her horizon because she had a vision of one day run her own business caring for dogs.  Lydia was right beside her in her vision and both would talk about doing it together.


Sadly, our worst nightmare happened and we lost Taina to a tragic vehicle accident in 2020. Only a few days before her 18th birthday.  As you can imagine this devastated our family. Here we are 2022, two years after her passing and we all have decided to continue her plans to care for dogs in the best way we know how.


We use Lydia’s dog grooming experience, dad’s business administration experience and moms dog bathing knowledge to make Taina’s dream a reality. Beast to Beauty Mobile Dog Grooming was born.  Goal as a family is to heal together and keep Taina’s spirit alive by doing what we all have in common; to love and care for dogs.

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