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Beast to Beauty Mobile Dog Grooming is a Veteran/Family owned and operated business serving the San Antonio area primarily the Northeast side. Our Mission is simple but essential; to provide you and your pet with a grooming experience that is kind, safe, and low-stress.

How do we accomplish our mission?

  1. Low-Stress- We use our cutting-edge grooming van to meet you and your dog at your home or a pre-arranged location therefore, eliminating your trip to the salon, the long stressful waiting time in a crate/cage surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and personnel.  

  2.  Kind- We treat your dog with Love, Kindness, Understanding.  We understand that not all dogs are the same and some may need special attention more so during grooming. Our mobile service allows us to give you and your dog a higher degree of attention by enabling us to get to really know you and you dog and build a good relationship.

  3. Safe- Because you and your dog will not be exposed to risk that are traditionally found in pet salons like fleas, ticks, and contagious conditions or contact with multiple people.


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Luxury Bath Package

Includes our hydrotherapy bath and conditioner, ear cleaning, facial wash, anal gland expression and nail trimming. We finish off with a fluff dry, complete brush out and cologne.​ Long coated breeds will also get a sanitary trim, paw and pad trim as well as around the eyes.


  • Up to 20Ibs.... Short Coat $75+tax / Long Coat $80+tax

  • 21 - 45Ibs...... Short Coat $82+tax / Long Coat $85+tax

  • 46 - 65Ibs...... Short Coat $87+tax / Long Coat $90+tax

  • 66 - 85Ibs...... Short Coat $92+tax / Long Coat $97+tax

Double Coated Breeds may be an extra $10 - $20

Extra charge if matted

Full Grooming Package

Includes Luxury Bath Package plus a leave in conditioner and a full body hair cut of your choice.

  • Up to 20Ibs.... Starting at $90+tax

  • 21 - 45Ibs...... Starting at $95+tax

  • 46 - 65Ibs...... Starting at $100+tax

  • 66 - 85Ibs...... Starting at $110 - $130 +tax

  • 86 and up...... Starting at $140 and up +tax

For Double Coated Breeds add $10 - $35

Doodles and Standard Poodles start at $140


  • Desheding Treatment $15

A shampoo and conditioner formulated to open pores to remove excess dead coat while also strengthening shiny new coat. Extra brushing time to allow us to remove the undercoat.​

  • Flea And Tick Treatment $15

Shampoo to remove fleas and ticks that have made contact on the coat and skin. We take the extra time to go through the coat to remove the fleas and ticks


  • Oatmeal Shampoo $10

Moisturizes dry skin while also creating a stronger skin barrier to lock in hydrating ingredients. Reduces inflammation and irritation from rashes or chronic skin conditions.


  • Whitening Shampoo $10

Formulated to brighten white fur and remove stains. If your dog's coat is looking dingy, or they've recently rolled in something dirty a whitening shampoo can help whiten the coat better than the average shampoo

  • Medicated Shampoo $15

Medicated shampoo can be helpful in the treatment of allergies. Ingredients that alleviate skin inflammation and itching, while also helping to reduce potential allergens on the skin and coat.


  • Teeth Cleaning $5

We will minimize the smelly breath of your pup using our mint gel toothpaste and spray


  • Paw Pad & Nose Cream $5

Soothes and softens the pads of seniors and pups that are constantly walking on rough surfaces


  • Pawdicure $10

Using our Pet safe Nail Polish to walk in style (short hair dogs only)(Nail Polish lasts depending on pets activity)

  • Ear Plucking $5

If your dog has chronic ear infections, plucking inside their ears can help with air circulation 

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